About Us

AasraCon365 Founder

The story of AasraCon365 begins with Antara Kumar, the idea curator, whose genuine concern and a whole lot of passion prompted her to create a close-knit community of individuals and corporates interested in developing, managing or using the Digital Media & Marketing Solutions.

This platform is adept in delivering scalable and sustainable content that testifies the richness of brand’s unique identity on digital landscape. Everything it does intends to resonate with the right audience at right place and time. Whatever your need be, AasraCon365 is forever keen on bespoke service.

A vibrant personality in her own, Antara Kumar is the driving force behind AasraCon365. She embarked on this journey in year 2018 to pursue her passion for Brand Marketing and Communication while positively impacting the life of fellow peers.

“Her key initiatives include enhancing and expanding the footprint, and image of her patrons offline and online, and providing them a plan to achieve their goals for the future by creating opportunity at every step.”

Perfection is her second nature, ultra optimism, right motivation and learning drive are hers armory to reach present and future viewpoints in setting deadlines.

‘To put it simply, value creation is at the heart of everything we do. AasraCon365 shines like a sun of light, learning and growth on clients and team alike, thereby shining in itself.’